Máy đo độ ẩm điểm sương Dewpoint Hygrometer - Alphamoisture - Model DS1200-AMT-Ex

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Máy đo độ ẩm điểm sương Dewpoint Hygrometer - Alphamoisture - Model DS1200-AMT-Ex 

Intrinsically Safe 4-20mA ATEX Certified Dewpoint Hygrometer
Ranges available between -120°C to +20°C (-166°F to +68°F) dewpoint

Model DS1200-AMT-Ex Dewpoint Hygrometer has been designed specifically for continuous measurement of moisture in dry process gases in Hazardous Areas.

Fast Response - Stable - Reliable - Accurate - Easy to Install

The Model DS1200-AMT-Ex incorporates a 3 wire 4-20mA powered transmitter. With excellent sensitivity, repeatability and response speed, this Ex Hygrometer has proven to be the popular choice for hazardous area dewpoint measurements.



- User Friendly & Advanced Functionality
- Powerful up to date software
- DISPLAY in °C Dewpoint & °F Dewpoint, ppm(v), ppb(v), g/m3 or lbs/MMSCF
- 22V – 253V AC or DC Operation
- Linear 4-20mA Retransmission Signal
- 2 Independent, Fully Programmable Alarm Relays
- Fast Response
- Long Term Stability
- IP66 / NEMA4 Weatherproof Protection
- Calibration to National & International Standards

Model DS1200-AMT-Ex is ATEX certified and provides an Intrinsically Safe Dewpoint Transmitter for hazardous area use when installed with the appropriate isolator. See Illustration also ordering information.

The transmitter also incorporates an Automatic Calibration (AUTOCAL) feature, which allows the user to carry out a field calibration / span check. The AUTOCAL feature is operated by two small button switches built within the transmitter enclosure. To avoid tamper, the switches are locked in normal use and can only be activated by following a special routine.

The integral RISC microprocessor circuitry of the Model DS1200-AMT-Ex transmitter allows high resolution with advanced self diagnostics for fault conditions. It also enables periodic re-calibration of the moisture sensor, storing calibration data within the fully self contained unit.

The mechanics of the Model DS1200-AMT-Ex transmitter have been designed to cope with extreme environmental conditions. The rugged stainless steel construction offers protection to IP66 (NEMA4X), with the transmitter electrical connections made via a secure industrial connector.

Model DS1200-AMT-Ex transmitter can withstand up to 35,000 kPa (350bar) maximum pressure and by employing a low resistance cable, the transmitter can be located at significant distances, in excess of 1000 metres, from the control room.

The Model DS1200-AMT-Ex transmitter is supplied with a Certificate of Calibration, an instruction manual and standard 2m connecting cable.



MODEL AMT-Ex Dewpoint Transmitter only

TRANSMITTER TYPE: 3 Wire, 4-20mA Loop Powered Transmitter
OUTPUT SIGNAL: 4 to 20mA Linear
OPERATING VOLTAGE: 12-28V dc. Reverse polarity protected.
SENSING ELEMENT: Ultra High Capacitance - Aluminium Oxide Type
RANGES: See How to Order Step 1 Below
EN 60079-0 EN 60079-11
Ex II 1GD Ex ia IIC T4 Ex iaD 20 T135°C (-20°C ≤ Ta ≤ +60°C)
AUTOCAL: Field calibration / Span check facility. Activated and operated via two button switches on the Transmitter body.
Locked in normal operating mode to avoid tamper.
FACTORY CALIBRATION: Supplied with Certificate of Calibration traceable to NPL / NIST
ACCURACY: ± 2°C dewpoint (NPL/NIST traceable for range -90°C to +20°C)
TEMPERATURE COEFFICIENT: Temperature compensated for operating range.
REPEATABILITY: Better than ±0.3°C dewpoint
OPERATING PRESSURE: From 1kPa (0.01 barA) to Maximum 35,000kPa (350 barA)
OPERATING HUMIDITY (External): Maximum - 95% RH Non-condensing
SAMPLE FLOW RATE: Flow independent but ideally 2 to 5 litres per minute. Max: 25 litres/min.
CABLE TERMINATIONS: IP66 (NEMA4X) rated, size C, DIN EN 175301 connector at the Transmitter and other end terminated
with bootlace ferrules.
CABLE: Supplied with 2m IS (blue) standard cable. Nominal diameter 3.4mm, 92ohms/km at 20°C
     Complies with BS EN 61326-1
WARM UP TIME: 10 seconds
     Open Circuit: Output drives to 20.50mA
     Short Circuit: Output drives to 20.75mA
     System Error: Output drives to 21.00mA
ISOLATION: Sensing Element connected to the 4-20mA loop but isolated from Transmitter body.
TRANSMITTER ENCLOSURE: 316 Stainless steel body with size C, DIN EN 175301 connector.
SENSOR PROTECTION: 316 Sintered stainless steel filter - 50 micron
WEATHERPROOF CLASSIFICATION: IP66 / NEMA4X when Connector mated to Transmitter.
MECHANICAL CONNECTION: 3/4” UNF (16tpi) with integral Viton “O” ring seal.
MECHANICAL WARRANTY: 24 months in case of faulty workmanship and defective parts.

MODEL DS1200 Display only
1/8 DIN panel mounting ABS case
DISPLAY: 4 digit, 14 segment LED indicator. Red characters 13.8mm high. Factory set to display in °C, °F, ppm(v), ppb(v), g/m3
or lbs/MMSCF
SUPPLY VOLTAGE: Universal 22Vac - 253Vac 50/60Hz & 20Vdc - 300Vdc 150mA to 15mA
OUTPUT SIGNAL: Linear 4 to 20mA, fully isolated. Maximum load 800Ω / 16Vdc
PROGRAMMABLE SIGNAL RANGES: 0…20 or 4…20mADC (Factory set)
ISOLATION: Voltage Test / Operation - 2.3kVac / 250Vac
CURRENT OUTPUTLOAD (max): 20mA / 800Ω / 16VDC
LOAD STABILITY: ≤ 0.01% of span / 100 Ω
HYSTERISIS: 1% of range
ALARM RELAYS: 2 independent fully programmable switched contacts. Rated 2A @ 250Vac / 1A @ 24Vdc.
ANNUNCIATORS: AL1 & AL2 LED’s on front panel indicating status of each alarm
DISPLAY RESPONSE TIME (0-90%, 100 to 10%): 0.4s.
WIRE SIZE, PIN 45 & 46 (max): 1 x 1.5mm2 stranded wire
WIRE SIZE, OTHERS (max): 1 x 2.5mm2 stranded wire
ERROR DETECTION: Cable loop break
DIMENSIONS (HxWxD): 48 x 96 x 120mm
CUT OUT DIMENSIONS: 44.5 x 91.5mm
WEIGHT: 230 grams

4 Bước hướng dẫn chọn sản phẩm phù hợp

How to Order - Step 1 of 4: Select a range below


How to Order - Step 2 of 4: Select a longer cable below

NOTE: ppm, ppb, g/m3 ranges are stated at atmospheric pressure. Model AMT-Ex Transmitter can be configured to provide corresponding ranges for operation at other constant pressure.
This must be stated at time of order.

How to Order - Step 3 of 4: Select a transmitter holder below



How to Order - Step 4 of 4: Order an Isolator for the safe area

- Part No. PR5104BB2A - Single Channel
- Part No. PR5104BB2B - Dual Channel



Model AMT-Ex Dewpoint Transmitter

Model ADSH-AMT-Ex Transmitter Holder

Flow Through Sample Cell

Note: The Assembly is shown with 1/4@ OD tube fittings. The dimensions across the tube fittings will vary for all other size fittings.


Application Wiring Diagrams

Model AMT-Ex Dewpoint Transmitter Using PR5104BB2A Single Isolator and Model DS1200 Display


Model AMT-Ex Dewpoint Transmitter Using PR5104BB2B Dual Isolator and Model DS1200 Display


Model DS1200 Display

Stable, Accurate and Reliable Alarmed Monitor


Model DS1200 Display Connection Details

Note: The Model AMT is not suitable for Ammonia (NH3), Chlorine (CI) - (See Model EDM data sheets) and Hydrogen Chloride (HCI). SF6 can be monitored with no effect to the sensor element. Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) can be monitored if the moisture content is low, less than 100ppm(v).


- Download Tài liệu kỹ thuật datasheet Máy đo độ ẩm điểm sương Dewpoint Hygrometer - Alphamoisture - Model DS1200-AMT-Ex

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